Saturday, June 2, 2012

Glacier Drizzle

 Glacier National Park. These are the ruins from a forest fire. The trees are ghostly in the fading light; understandable, since they're dead. Because I drove in at night, I got through the gates for free. I also came in on the 14-or-so-mile dirt road. Driving on dirt roads is not fun in a car like mine.

I applied to work at Glacier this summer, but didn't get the job.
 I woke to this view. I crashed in a parking lot next to the bathrooms in Apgar Village. Although it was only 11 p.m., there was no one around, so I felt no qualms about running out to the bathroom in my underwear. It was the first time I camped in my car and got to use a real flush toilet and a sink, other than outside a store. I loved it. And after I calmed myself and stopped thinking about grizzlies smelling the sweet kielbasa I cooked earlier, I slept soundly.
 An older ranger told me that Rocky Point was a short hike. So I went there and took the trail to the McDonald Lake Campground. I hiked in the drizzle for a good hour, then turned around, because I had to get to Missoula at a relatively decent time, and I thought I had a four hour drive ahead of me.
 The burn is dark as pitch; imagine two deep green eyes staring out at you.
 This view on my return trip through the burnt woods.
I took this picture at Rocky Point, which I saw on my trip back. 
I saw this on the side of the road somewhere and had to stop to take a picture. There are a lot of things that I got too lazy to stop for, and I kick myself every time I think about them. Like when I saw a calico cat curled up on a rusty hood and didn't bother taking a picture. The cat almost blended in with the rust.

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  1. The pix of the mountain reflecting in the lake is just breathtaking! what a view to wake up to!