Thursday, September 29, 2011

Artemis stops in LA

I stayed with Joanne and Jim for two nights in LA--yes, Los Angelas! I met them at the ranch this summer, while I was serving my sentence there. Jim helped a ton with places to see when I left LA, and both of them gave me advice on what to check out in the city--UCLA, Venice Beach, etc.

I forgot to take a picture before I messed up the bed, but there it is! Lovely room. I also had my own bathroom. Oh, and the wall-mirror meant that I got to see my awful bed-hair both mornings.

I could show you all kinds of pictures of their backyard, but you wouldn't really get it. It goes up and up, it's this crazy-winding path in the back, filled with green plants and trees and spiderwebs. This is one of my favorite parts though. They've been together for some 20 years and are still madly in love. See, it does happen sometimes!

Okay, just one! Their yard was so cool. Jim said he bought the house around 30 years ago. "It wouldn't be affordable today," he said.

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