Monday, September 5, 2011

Bannack Ghost Town--purple orbs?

I basically couchsurfed with this woman I met at the Stanley craft fair last week. Cora Breezley is a photographer living in Challis, Idaho. I went with her and her two granddaughters this weekend to visit Bannack State Park, where there's a ghost town. The population was once at 3,000 and now no one but park employees live there. Many of the buildings were taken away over the years, before the state got hold of the place.

The long hallway in Hotel Meade.

The Hotel Meade was built in 1875 originally served as the county courthouse. When Dillon became the county courthouse, this brick building remained empty until 1890, when Dr. John Singleton Meade bought it and transformed the building into a hotel. Children sometimes claim to see a girl in a blue dress walking around in the hotel, and many guests mention cold and warm spots throughout the building. In 1915, a 16-year-old girl named Dorothy came to the hotel with her mother. One day she and some friends were playing outside in the pond, and Dorothy fell in. Her body was found later. She is the girl in the blue dress.

I took the picture of this stove in the dining room. There is a purple light on it. I am not a fanatic, but I found this light on a few other pictures too...they're all in different spots, so it can't be on the lens. There could be something wrong with the camera, or maybe weird reflections. But maybe not.

Side by side they lean.

Would you care for a shave, sir?

"Shawna looks really demonic in this one picture," I said while Cora was frying hamburger for our dinner.
"That's probably her natural state," she said.

I'm writing writing writing in the old schoolhouse.

I love old cans!

We found a hidden vent at the back of the schoolhouse. Angela is the one furthest from the vent.

Cora, taking pictures in the first house we stepped into. We spent 2 and half hours in the town the first day, and another house the next morning.

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