Sunday, June 12, 2011

Gibbonsville Cemetery

This is the Gibbonsville Cemetery. I found it by accident when I was in the middle of mountains, searching for a bathroom place. I loved this cemetery. It was very peaceful and there were these pretty yellow flowers everywhere, and thick green moss sagged from the branches of pine trees all around. The gravestone above is made of wood.

Some gravesites had fences around them, or were up on platforms. Every site was unique. Why can't we be more like that out here? I want to put a loader on the Savory gravestone in memory of the junkyard.

There's been a lot of flooding out here. Everyone is concerned about it...down south they're even worried, because the water will eventually run down there. I feel bad for all the people with houses on the valley floor, on the lowest part of the land.

While driving down 43, I saw two dead cows inside their fence and very close to the road. It disturbed me so much that I had to go back to take a picture. I wonder if they got stranded because of the flooding and couldn't get back to the herd? Or maybe they died of disease? I know death is just a part of life, but aside from roadkill, this is the only death I saw.

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