Sunday, June 5, 2011

Akron, Ohio

This is Kate, my first couchsurfing host. She's hopping a fence into the Rubber Bowl, an abandoned football stadium. They built a new one closer to the university, and gave up on this one.

There was no vandalism last year. This year there is.

A drive-through convenience store--the ultimate convenience! You drive in and a guy comes out and ask what you want, and that's how it works. No wine on Sundays though. Weird rules. Religion still exists outside of Mass.

Kate hanging onto the tank.

Monkey bars at Kate's family's house!

This is where the soapbox derby races take place every year.

When Kate said the race was downhill, I imagined cardboard box cars and a grassy hill...not this mammoth paved road! They used to start the race at the top, but now they start a little lower, around the 123 painted on the road. She participated in the race once, when she was 14, I think, and by that point it wasn't very fun. Her soapbox wire broke and she drove into the side of the track. More than 100 kids participate in the races every year.


  1. It was nice meeting you Artemis. Looks like you and Kate had some fun :o) Be safe traveling.

  2. Looks like some awesome adventures

  3. Thanks Just a Mom! You are a very cool mom, by the way. I felt right at home with you and all the rest. It was a lovely experience.

    Very awesome adventures. :)

  4. I love the drive-through convenience store lol