Thursday, June 9, 2011

Couchsurf #3: Waterloo, Iowa

Here is a picture of my hosts. Amie, the girl on the left, is a journalist and she lives in Waterloo, Iowa. She has a lot of surfers come by, so she's at the top of the list. You get more surfers=more references=closer to the top of the page.

She's pretty laid back and easy to talk to. I heard some interesting stories from her, like how she spent a week dumpster-diving for a column she was writing. Her challenge was to get all her food for free for a week, and she did it. She doesn't recommend doing it to the general public unless you need to. I also met her roommate briefly in the morning, and we looked at the map together. That was when I realized there was a town called Dumont.

This is her crazy cat Max running around chasing his tail like a dog. He's really docile and whimpy during the day, but at night he's a wild critter. He was also attacking the blanket on my bed...where he's playing in the picture is where I slept that night. It was very comfortable, and I think it was a futon like I have at home.

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