Thursday, June 9, 2011

Couchsurf #4: Sioux Falls, South Dakota

This is my host Kyle. He was nice and we talked a lot. He showed me around the city. I got what I wanted--pretty much a tour. He explained things to me, like that unleaded plus gas is 10 cents cheaper than unleaded regular because it has ethanol added to it. He told me that South Dakota is the largest producer of Ethanol in the world. He also said that putting plus in my tank might give me worse there must be something different going on--back home, plus gas is more expensive because it's supposed to give you better mileage, right? I don't know anymore. They call gas with ethanol "silver" in Sioux Falls.

This is Candice, our waitress at a fancy bar. We mostly went in to look around, but I ended up getting a pina colada. Kyle got a minty drink with real mint leaves in it. You can see me taking the picture in the reflection of the window.

Doesn't it look like this lioness and her cub have been burnt and are going to fall apart into ashes at any minute? Kyle doesn't think so, but to me it does. Every year the city has this sculpture walk and the residents get to choose their favorite sculptures. When the votes have been tallied up, the city purchases the most popular statue and it becomes a permanent part of the artwalk. Places can buy them too; this lion statue appears to belong to the hotel it's in front of. All of the statues are made of bronze.

The falls are what the city is named after. Here they are! It's actually really cool. Almost all of the stone in Sioux Falls is quartzite, and it is very slippery. Kyle climbs sometimes. The rocks are pink and remind me of the pink stucco hotel my family stayed at in Aruba years ago.

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  1. ----» considering couch surfing south dakota. Is Kyle still a host? how to contact him?