Thursday, September 29, 2011

Venice Beach

Here are some pictures of Venice Beach. Enjoy! And stereotype as you may...

Our two greatest California stereotypes caught passing each other! The movies and the surfer dude. Love it. By the way: California is not so different from Boston.

I met the redhead in this picture (I have to look up his name later, can't remember now) while I was walking to Venice Beach. He was too. Neither of us had ever been there before. He was from Nebraska, a state I avoided on my way to Idaho. He works summers at his family's ranch in Oregon. I wanted to watch the street performers, so we stopped to watch. They took forever to get started, and when they did almost-start they were just insulting to anyone and everyone. They gathered a bunch of unwilling volunteers to create a wall to jump over. Redhead and I parted ways soon after this. I played on the bodybuilding park by myself, as it should be.

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