Thursday, September 29, 2011

Lake Powell

I forgot to include this happened after my stay in Dixie National Forest, on my way to Arizona.

This is what I saw of Zion. The other side. I accidentally drove 30 miles past the turn and decided not to turn around. I did see something very cool though...

I thought this was a mirage at first, until I drove up to it. It's Lake Powell! Greatest lake EVER. About 185 miles long, it sits in the southwest corner of Utah. It's SO BLUE.

This dam is almost as large as the Hoover Dam. I would not want to be there if it broke open, that's for sure. It's holding A LOT of water. When ice is melting in the springtime, it all runs into Lake Powell. One vacationer told me that during the month of June the lake rose a full foot every day.

I asked someone where was the one place I could swim where there would be no other people and I was directed here--to the Coves.

The water is DEEP. I'm not sure how deep. At least 30 feet, I assume. That looks like an adult tree standing underwater. In the heat the water so nice. It was my first time swimming in a body of water other than a hot spring all summer. It was also terrifying, with the depths, and not knowing what might be down there to grab hold of my ankle and drag me down...if I had more time I could have written some intense fiction stories. Maybe an erotica or two included.

It almost looks like this guy is walking on water--is he Jesus? Look closer!

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