Monday, October 24, 2011

Area 51 Goth club

Sadly, I have no pictures of our stay at the goth club in Salt Lake City, but here's the name, taken from their website. There were three dance floors: downstairs played the industrial, dark goth music. They played such favorites as "Tear you apart," by She Wants Revenge, and "Reptile," by Nine Inch Nails. Upstairs played classic rock for a little while, then it got more modern--they mixed stuff by Kesha and heavy rock beats. It sounded kind of cool, but eventually got really annoying, because we wanted goth music, not only the music, but the words as well.

The third area was in the bar. The bar took up two floors, and on the bottom floor there was a small dance floor in front of a large TV-screen playing music videos. They played a little Marilyn Manson, and they played my favorite jazz song "Stray Cat Strut," by the Stray Cats. We spent a lot of time dancing on our own, and sometimes we swung to industrial music. "I've always wanted to do that," he said.

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