Thursday, October 20, 2011

Rained out Redwoods

I finally made it the Humboldt Redwoods! I got in early--around 1 p.m. the day before. I set up the tent, took a two hour nap, then decided to chill until morning, when I would do some real hiking. Around 5 a.m. the rain woke me up. I fell back asleep. I kept waking up, but every time I tried to sleep just until the rain stopped falling. It never did. Around 8, I got up and began dragging things out of my tent, where my bag and some books had already gotten wet from the condensation inside.

In pajamas and bare feet, I took the tent apart, wrapped it up, and stuffed it into the back of the Focus. I tried taking pictures of the campsite at least, since I knew I wouldn't get any of the forest, but every one turned out blurry and I decided not to post any here. I cleaned up in the coin-operated shower stall, then began the journey north to my next couch in Eureka. But I didn't make it. I slept in another Wal Mart. I drove to my next destination in Grants Pass, Oregon.

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