Thursday, October 13, 2011

San Francisco: Miguel & '80s night

From the Singer's house, I walked to the Golden Gate Bridge and saw a rainbow. It was there that I met Miguel. He was walking across the bridge away from San Francisco, and I was walking back. He was carrying a carved walking stick, a backpacker's pack, and wearing a hemp shirt with a hood. I pulled off my headphones and asked him where he was from, and then we spent the day together.

Miguel had been in town for the last 5 or 6 days. He's been traveling since July. He hiked from Seattle, Washington, and said that only 200 miles or so were in a car--the rest he walked. Back home he has a good job. But he wanted to do something else, to see something else. So he put it on hold and left. He's a little more than half Irish, and a little less than half Mexican. He was heading back to Portland, Oregon to stay with this woman he met. He planned on getting a job for the winter and would then continue his journey down to Colorado in the spring. I offered him a ride.

This was an awesome door. Miguel kept putting his staff in front of my pictures, and this one came out all right, so here it is. You can see that on top of the staff is a bear, more teddy-ish than wild. A man in Miguel's hometown of Salem, Oregon gave him this staff. It's heavy and finely carved.

Miguel went with me to the Cat Club for Thursday's "'80s night." My mom would have loved it. Women wore in zebra-striped dresses and shoulder pads; they wore knee-high socks and put their hair up in poofy styles. For some reason, guys at these types of places think that it's okay to touch the girls they're talking to--I wanted to hurt someone every time they touched my back or my arm or a shoulder. I was SO not interested in that. But I did dance in the cage, which was fun. Well, mostly I climbed to the top of the cage, because climbing is my thing.

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