Monday, October 24, 2011

First frat party: Mormon

I am borrowing this picture so people will hopefully read this entry! Eric and I went to our first frat party ever. (He's in grad school, and I was an undergraduate until a year and a half ago.) We dressed him all in black, and I wore my new goth-corset with my long black skirt. Out front there was a guy playing with flames across something like a trough. The dance floor was in the basement. Stringy glow-in-the-dark things hung from the ceiling, they were neon pink or green. The theme was Angels and Demons, so many of the girls wore white dresses with wings, and some guys also wore wings--a few were black. Some people were dressed normal. I was wearing my purple choker.

Eric and I danced close. We danced together or apart to the modern mixed-up music. Sometimes I danced goth. We swing-danced now and then, whenever the feeling arose. When we wanted a drink, we joked that they might not have any, since it's a Mormon frat-party, but with the way girls were dressed and dancing, we figured maybe there was so alcohol--because a Mormon girl does not show her shoulders, and most of these girls were barely contained in their skimpy tops. But alas, when we reached the drink table at the end of the basketball court, the only available drinks were sodas; the brown bottle that we thought might be beer turned out to be root beer.

Before the party, Eric told me that Mormon parties advertise "Root-beer pong," instead of the traditional "beer-pong." I hate that game anyway. I wouldn't play it sober or drunk. But it must be really boring when sober.

We solved the problem. We went out, got some shots (the bars are hidden in the backs of buildings) and returned, rejuvenated. Eric was invited to join the fraternity on Sunday morning with a password: "72 and sunny." We danced until the music ended.

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