Monday, October 24, 2011

Laramie, Wyoming

I stayed with Jessie and Lucie in windy Wyoming. Laramie was the name of the town. When I mentioned the wind he told me something that Wyoming residents say,"Utah blows and Nebraska sucks." And so all the fertile Wyoming soil has been blown into Nebraska. Jessie works with international students at the community college. He likes Norse Mythology and can read German. He made us spaghetti with meat sauce, and later we had brownies and ice cream for dessert. We watched some "Dirty Jobs," which I haven't seen in years. It might have been the first time I've watched TV since July.

His house is a duplex with an evergreen trim. He has two bedrooms and a bunch of closets, and it's decently priced. He had bookshelves and paintings on the walls, kitchens and a table, and a fully-stocked kitchen. It was a comfortable place to stay.

His puppy was 4 months old, part Border collie part part Blue Heeler. She was soft and playful and patterned like a cow.

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  1. we are three people looking for someone to host us for one night in laramie.