Monday, October 24, 2011

Nature in Utah (and Eric)

This is Eric Allen hard at work on some outcropping (I think he called it that). He was writing about Matrixes and stuff. A matrix wall is where rocks are touching other rocks.

Whenever I ask Eric "what kind of rock is this?" He licks it.

I guess autumn is pretty here on the east coast, but it's so firey in Utah. I love the reds and oranges, especially when there's some dark pine in the background. The only leaves that change color in the Sawtooths are on the Aspens, everything else has needles.

Eric is like a beer. These were...Elderberries? They were good. We ate a bunch of them. He said blue berries are usually okay--it's the other-colored berries you want to be careful of.

Like myself, Eric is fond of going off-trail, and we found ourselves following a small river through a ravine. The walls were steep, but here and there we found places to climb up, and we eventually made it to the top, where we hung out with the ancient trees and trees that looked like moss. I got bit by a spider or something, and it started out as one small bite, then turned into five or six bumps in one area on my wrist. I was a little nervous, because there aren't a whole lot of things that can kill you where I come from, but the rest of the country is like a dark forest of hidden killers, isn't it? I didn't die, though. So I guest it wasn't a big deal.

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