Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Back in Stanley

 There are the rugged Sawtooths gleaming with snow. Can anyone question why We love this place?
 This is the trail to Bench Lakes, my favorite.

 Bench Lake # 1. The snow was a couple of feet deep up here.

 Redfish Lake.
 I was merely walking back from the Bench Lakes when a shirtless man came running at me out of the woods. I was terrified at first--but before he got to me the face and running style registered: Eric had followed me to Stanley! It was amazing that he found me, since I frequently change my destination and could have been on any other trail than the one I'd told him about.
 He likes his moss.
Last year the population was 100. This year it's down to 63. My question is: how did they change the sign so fast? And do they do it every year?

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