Sunday, May 13, 2012

A little town called Quinter

While I was staying with Naomi in Ohio, I told her that I thought I would have to sleep in my car somewhere in western Kansas if I couldn't find a place to stay, and she said, "I have friends out in Quinter." And that is how I met the Wetzs'. (I apologize if I'm butchering the name!) Kirsten and Brad have four boys and two girls, and they live in a huge house in Quinter, Kansas, population something like 850. Kirsten told me a story of how they saw a tornado approaching a few years ago, and she said it sucks all the air when it's coming. Luckily it turned and didn't hit their family or the new house. Kirsten, like my friend Naomi, is from the Dunkin(?) Brethren Church, and she wears a covering over her hair, because in the Bible it says that women should cover their hair while praying, and she never knows when she'll need to pray.

The family was very nice. They let me stay in their daughters' room, while the girls had a slumber party down in the living room. They had internet but no cable, and they watch movies. My trip has somehow turned into a self-education of the plain families and their religious views. My voice recorder probably has about 5 hours of Christian people talking about why they do what they do, and what they believe. So far, I think we believe in most of the same things--if not in name, then in existence, at least. I really liked this family and hope to see them again someday.

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