Sunday, May 13, 2012

Castle Rock

 Castle Rock is located something like 18 miles south of Quinter, Kansas. Don't let this picture of the road fool you--it is NOT an easy drive! It's 15 miles of dirt road, then another four miles of partially-rutted roads, and finally, when you get to this area, the road gets really bad. Look at the pictures below to see.
 The combination of forest green and bleached sand makes castle rock an amazing place. There was a constant wind and no other people while I was there. The solitude made it feel like a sacred place. It's a sacred place that is falling apart every year, so if you want to see it, do so soon.
 I climbed from the base of the rocks up the sand-like stones and through tumbleweed and sharp bushes in just a skirt and flipflops. Birds with nests in the rocks squawked above me.
 Doesn't it look like a giant spider gripping the rock?
I had to turn my car around on this road when I came to a place I was too nervous to try crossing. For a few minutes, my car was teetering with three wheels on the ground.
The ruts were devilish in a few places. Most are dangerous for any car other than a jeep or SUV.

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