Sunday, May 13, 2012

Boyling in Thornton (psych!)

It was freezing in Denver, and then Thornton, Colorado. When I was leaving the Wertzs', Kirsten asked me where I was staying, and I said I'd probably be in my car that night. She made a quick call to her friends in Thornton, which is barely a skip from Denver, and I had a place for the night. These are the girls, whose names I can't remember, but I can remember ages. From left to right: 3, 8, 10, 12.

I stayed up most of the night talking to Wendy and Todd while their girls sat on the couches, quietly reading. The family rents a three-bedroom in an apartment complex. For six people, it isn't much, but Wendy and Todd have been to Honduras several times, and they say that it's way more than anyone out there has. They're fixing to start a boys' orphanage in Honduras next to Lago de Yojoa, a beautiful lake. The girls are just as happy to soon be living in South America. All four girls stay in one room together, and the third room is reserved for guests. Well, technically it is the eldest girl's room, but she likes staying with her sisters instead. The family has guests over a lot. Earlier in the day, before I showed up, Wendy's cousin had just left after spending a couple of days in the room.

They had cable for a while, until Todd realized that it kept the family separated; the girls would be watching their shows while he and Wendy watched theirs in a different room. They also don't have any internet. Wendy stays home and homeschools the kids. There are Bible verses pinned to walls throughout the house. She told me a lot of amazing stories that I don't have space here to recount. She seems sad in a way that I can relate to, and enthusiastic with sharing all that she knows, which I think I also do. I notice this because Kirsten told me I reminded her of Wendy.

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