Thursday, May 31, 2012

Snow Cap Dream


Of all the places Eric told me I should visit in Oregon, I only stopped at the Painted Hills and here: the Timberline Lodge. I went form the slightly-wet, warm base of this mountain, up to the top where fog rolled in like rolls of fat down an overweight man's waist. The wind was biting and fierce, and I swear that it was driving sleet into my eyes. Finding the famous building which was used as the outside for "The Shining," was not easy in the fierce weather.
There were many quirky furnishings in the lodge, but this animal-hide lampshade it one of my favorites.
 This is the upstairs bar/dining area. Every table and chair was wooden, although the chairs were all different and there didn't seem to be any order to where they'd been placed. The stone chimney stands in the center of the room; it's as round as some Sequoia trees.
another suggestion from Eric. I brought my computer and updated my blog while drinking a mug of hot chocolate--specifically named: "Snow Cap Dream." It was hot chocolate with a stick of cinnamon, toffee bits, lots of whipped cream and caramel. It was delicious, although I still can't decide if it was really worth the nearly $5 it cost.

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