Thursday, May 17, 2012

Blueberry Vodka

 I stayed with couchsurfing host Natalie in Fort Collins on the most uneventful night of the week: Monday. Still, she and her friends, Tom and Victor, took me out on the town. We visited several bars, and the night was very warm, especially compared to Denver.
After several rounds of pool and a couple of other bars, we stopped at this one bar where they make their own shots. They use hard alcohol and let it sit with specific ingredients. For instance, there is rose petal gin, cucumber gin, butterscotch vodka, or--the one I tried--blueberry vodka. Although I'm not a big drinker, it's a cool idea. Upstairs a DJ mixed pop music with dubstep. He wasn't very good, but Natalie and I danced until we couldn't stand it anymore.
These were one girl's shoes. They were so cool that I had to ask if I could take a picture. And that was my trip to Fort Collins. I don't want to get to know it too well yet, since I'll be living there for a while after the summer.

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