Sunday, May 13, 2012

Kansas City, Kansas

 I drove from Greenville Ohio straight to Kansas City, a 10-hour drive. My host, Cree, showed up 10 minutes after I got to her house. We went out on the town, checking out some bars and talking about the city. We went from a bar that was filled with dodgeball teams (I think) where I got my first jello-shot, to another place where there was a band with two pianos, a guitar and drumset. They took requests, and anyone could come up to sing for open mic. I couldn't think of anything fun to sing, though, and no one was dancing. We didn't stay for very long.
 The floor in the piano bar is very cool.
This is a picture of Cree's front door, taken from the inside. Her whole house is painted in dark, real colors, like purple. She was married for a few years to a man who spoke only Spanish, and she says that she can think in Spanish now. She has three Masters degrees and a buffet of books in her bookshelf, mostly nonficiton learning guides, like "How to learn Mandarin Chinese," and "Grant Writing," etc. She's a learner. She's also a mechanic. She has a red pair of industrial boots with spikes and thick heels.

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