Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Banks Lowman Road (from Idaho to Oregon)

 The Banks Lowman Road is the route you want to take through possibly all of Idaho. If you like soaring mountains covered in green, with a river running through it, this is heaven. I found it difficult not to take a thousand pictures, and I still wish I'd gotten more.
It might sound dirty, but this is one crack I want to climb. The problem is, it's right along the road, a very bad place for climbing. And I didn't have a partner to belay me.

 I might have been in Oregon for this picture.
 Welcome to the Picture Gorge. Go look it up.
I was upset that I was getting to the Painted Hills at such a late time, but this turned out to be a good thing; with the falling sun and the rain, a rainbow had formed stretching from one side of the hills to the other.
 The deep blush on sand looks so much like a rash or a burn that it's almost painful to look at. But it's beautiful as well.

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  1. Where did you take the last picture? It's incredible! Also, the lake is the Payette River, in Idaho and the pic with the crack you want to climb has two dikes (the dark lines) which are magma which intruded into the other rock.

    -a fluvial geomorphologist